IFComp 2009 ratings

Here's my rating table for IFComp 2009. The games are ordered from best to worst by my subjective view and divided into four categories. The list is continuously updated during the voting period as I play more of the games.

Compared to the last year's ratings I've reduced the number of categories to four. I looked at my last year's categories and decided I had been a bit too harsh on the lower end of the scale, so "weak" is now the last category and "decent" covers the high end of the old "weak" category. Only in the case of extremely insulting games or obvious trolls I might revoke the "awful" category. Everyone else deserves at least some credit for trying.

For final scores I use the following system: The best game gets a 9 or a 10. Then I look at the table below and mark down which of the rest are so close in quality to each other that they should get the same score (or which games are so much better than the one below them that they should get a better score). I continue this until I have at most 8 or 9 groups (depending on whether the best game got a 9 or a 10) and then give a 1 to the worst group, then a 2 to the second group and so on.





not rated

I'm reviewing some of the games for SPAG, so they will have just a rating but not a review here. For some games I might also update the table before (or instead of) writing a review.

I'm also keeping a transcript of everything I play. If you're an author and want to see the transcript of your game, send me an e-mail (my first name @ nitku dot net).

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