Raising the Flag on Mount Yo Momma released

Here the game finally is. Once again what was supposed to be a short distraction between "more serious" projects turned out to be more work than called for. It started its life as an idea to a speed-if, so forgive the rather silly premise. Puzzler enthusiasts will hopefully get some enjoyment out of the game as it has a good bunch of more or less traditional IF puzzles (no mazes!) As usual the Inform 7 source code is available.

For some reason Parchment hangs after displaying the banner, so no online play before I get that sorted out. Sorry about that. (edit: the recent version of Parchment seems to work fine.)

It occurs to me that this game is very similar to the previous one. I swear, this is the last comedic one-room (or one-area) puzzle game from me for a while. Then again it has been very educational and I might just write a couple of posts of the things learned making these two games, so stay tuned for more!

2 thoughts on “Raising the Flag on Mount Yo Momma released

  1. Parchment isn't crashing, but it is running a lot of code. Is there something intensive that it has to set up at the beginning of the game? Or could it be stuck in an infinite loop?

  2. The game itself shouldn't initialize anything out of the ordinary, but maybe some of the extensions do? I seem to recall the Written Inventory extension has caused slowdowns in Parchment before.

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