PAX East vibes

As many of you know, there was a considerable amount of IF content in the PAX East 2010 convention, including a whole hotel room full of IF people the whole weekend. Here are some thoughts which I admit are quite similar to what other people have said (almost as if they had been to the same convention!)

While it was a pleasure in itself to meet people with who you could actually talk about IF and have a meaningful conversation, I want to make it known that the IF crowd is the nicest and most amicable people I have ever met. Usually in any group there's at least one douche in a dozen, but I guess they all stayed home this time.

There were two main topics that seemed to pop up at every turn: collaborative IF development and widening the IF audience. The latter revolved pretty much around rebirth of commercial IF, or hopes thereof.
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2009 XYZZY Awards voting has started

2009 was a good year for quality IF games. A great year, in fact. It's time to give recognition to the best of them as voting for the 2009 XYZZY Awards begins at the brand new web site.

The problem, which I'm glad to have, is that there are so many games that would deserve an award, especially in the "best use of medium" category. I would like to nominate four or five games and the same amount in the "best game" category. And I haven't even played all the must-play titles yet!