Texture is a development tool for touchscreen optimized narrative games. See this post for details. Estimated full release in June 2016.


Vorple is a user interface library for online interactive fiction. With Vorple you can add multimedia, layouts and dynamic effects. Supports Undum, Inform 6 and Inform 7.

Transcript Beautifier

The Transcript Beautifier turns dull text transcripts into hyperlinked, syntax colored, easy to read HTML files. Optionally it can also collect a list of unimplemented commands and comments given by playtesters.

IF Name Generator

If you take the first part from an IF title and the last part from another, what do you get? Nonsense, but entertaining nonsense. Includes special IFComp editions.

I7 Thing Creator


A tool for easily creating objects and responses to standard actions in Inform 7 by filling out an online form. It hasn't been maintained for a while so the code it produces is not 100% compatible with the current versions of Inform.

Inform 7 extensions

This GitHub page has all the extensions published by me. In GitHub open an extension, click on the "Raw" button and then "Save page as.." in the browser's file menu to download it. Versions that are compatible with Inform 6G60 can be found at the official Inform 7 web site and

Other projects

Other projects not mentioned here can be found on GitHub.