Raising the Flag on Mount Yo Momma — 63 of 87

Juhana Leinonen

Release 3

Section Buying drinks

Instead of pointing at a for sale drink when the Sleaze is in the Bar:

if the drinks are too many:

say "'Well, uh, I don't want to sound cheap, which I'm not, and it's not that I wouldn't have money, which I have plenty, but, uh, maybe you should finish those what I already bought you,' [the Sleaze] squirms.";


say "You point at [noun] in the menu. 'Bartender! One [noun]!' [the Sleaze] declares and takes a stack of bills from his pocket. He counts the sum with grand gestures and pays for the drink. The bartender places [the noun] on the counter.";

now the noun is on the counter;

repeat with X running through drinks:

change the hint list of X to the table of bought drink hints.

To decide whether the drinks are too many:

if the number of bought drinks enclosed by the Bar is greater than 1:

decide yes;

decide no.

Instead of drinking a for sale drink:

clarify "buy [a noun]";

try buying the noun.

Instead of taking a for sale drink:

try buying the noun.

Instead of buying a drink:

if the player is not carrying the coins:

say "You don't have any money.[run paragraph on]";


say "You don't have enough coins to really buy anything.[run paragraph on]";

if the noun is alcoholic:

say " Besides it's very hard to get a drink without papers here.[run paragraph on]";

say paragraph break.

Definition: A drink is for sale rather than bought if it is in the Bar and it is not carried by the player and it is not on the counter.

Instead of pointing at a bought drink:

say "You already have [a noun]."

Before listing nondescript items when the location is the Bar:

repeat with X running through for sale drinks:

change X to not marked for listing.

Rule for deciding whether all includes a for sale drink: it does not.