Sparkle — 100 of 108

Juhana Leinonen

Release 3

Book 4 - The dog

Part 1 - Definition

The dog is an animal in the Garden.

The indefinite article of the dog is "the".

Rule for writing a paragraph about the tame dog:

if the player is in the cable car and the dog is in the Cable-car platform:

say "Through the cable car's window [we] can see the dog on the platform.";


say "[one of]The dog sits here, looking at me expectantly[or]The dog is sniffing the ground[or]The dog is walking around in circles[as decreasingly likely outcomes]."

The description of the dog is "The dog is big and [if the dog is angry]menacing[otherwise]looking at us wide-eyed[end if], a mutt or perhaps even a Chongqing.[if the angry dog is in the Garden] He's barking viciously behind the gates.[otherwise if the angry dog is in a dumbwaiter] [We] can still hear him barking below.[end if][if the dog is dirty] His short fur is filthy and largely covered in dirt.[otherwise] His fur looks, if not perfectly clean, at least much cleaner than what it used to be.[end if]"

The dog equals the flute.

The dog can be lipsticked. The dog is not lipsticked.

The dog can be hungry or satisfied. The dog is hungry.

Definition: the dog is sick if the flute is blocked.

Definition: the dog is well if it is not sick.

Definition: the dog is barking if it is hungry.

Definition: the dog is angry if it is barking.

Definition: the dog is tame if it is satisfied.

After examining the dog when the dog is lipsticked:

say "The dog's lips are smeared with lipstick, making him look extraordinarily silly."

Test dog with "e/e/meditate/w/change dog/n/get flute".