An interactive fiction by Juhana Leinonen (2008) - the Inform 7 source text

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Chapter Bars

The iron bars are part of the barred window. They are plural-named, by the window and self-lit.
The description is "[if the iron bars are part of the window]Three iron bars prevent anyone from climbing out the window.[otherwise if the iron bars are part of the winch]The iron bars are set in the holes of the winch, creating handy handles.[otherwise]The bars used to be in the window before you corroded them off. They seem to have replaced the bars in the window but left the old ones behind.";

The iron bars can be acidproof. They are not acidproof.
The iron bars can be known to be acidproof. They are not known to be acidproof.

Understand "rod/rods" and "bar" as the iron bars.

The creature response of the iron bars is "[if the iron bars are part of the window]'There are bars on the window.'[paragraph break]'Well, duh,' [the creature] replies.[otherwise]'I didn't know there would be a moat.'[paragraph break]'Yes, a [key castle]castle[endkey castle] with a moat is totally unheard of.'".

Instead of putting acidic spit on the iron bars:
    try pouring the acidic spit on the iron bars.
Instead of pulling or pushing or turning the iron bars:
    try taking the iron bars.

Instead of pouring acidic spit on the iron bars for the first time:
    say "Carefully applying the creature's spit on both ends of the bars, one after another they corrode off and fall on the cell floor. You climb out through the window. It's hard to see in the dark, but the ground doesn't seem to be that far away so you just jump.
'[if the tongue is numb]Fheeom! Fheeom! Fhee--[otherwise]Freedom! Freedom! Free--[end if]' you rejoice just before landing in a moat. Your are in the water by the neck and your feet are stuck in the mud. '[if the tongue is numb]Uh... Hehho? Hoehohe[otherwise]Uh... Hello? Someone[end if]? ...'";
    pause the cutscene;
    say "The Screaming Communists find you after a couple of hours, pull you out from the moat and return you back to the cell.
[c]How was the freedom?' [the creature] asks.";
    mark the escape down as "climbing through the window";
    remove the acidic spit from play;
    now the plexiglas is part of the window;
    now the iron bars are in the cell;
    now the tongue is not numb.
Instead of screwing or unscrewing the iron bars:
    say "The bars are welded, not screwed."
Instead of opening the iron bars:
    say "They don't have any visible mechanism to open them. In fact they look like they're welded in the frame."
Test bars with "test encyclopedia/open book/put spit in glass/pour spit on bars".