An interactive fiction by Juhana Leinonen (2008) - the Inform 7 source text

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Chapter Plexiglas

The plexiglas is a thing. The description is "The Screaming Communists have replaced the iron bars with thick transparent plexiglas while you were away. At least it'll keep the cold away better than before."

Understand "plexi" and "plexiglass" and "plexi glass" and "plexi-glass" and "plastic" as the plexiglas.

The printing of the plexiglas is "It reads 'ACIDPROOF plexiglas'."

The creature response of the plexiglas is "'What's with the plastic in the window?' you ask.[paragraph break]'Well, uh, the [key screaming communists]Screaming Communists[endkey screaming communists] have, in course of time, noticed that there are certain... problems with [key acidic spit]spit[endkey acidic spit] in the [key castle]castle[endkey castle]. So they use glass, which does not corrode,' [the creature] explains."

Instead of attacking the plexiglas:
    say "You can't even scratch it. It looks very sturdy."
Instead of looking through the plexiglas:
    try looking through the window.
Instead of opening the plexiglas:
    say "It's firmly attached to the frame with no opening mechanism."
Instead of pouring acidic spit on the plexiglas:
    say "The acid doesn't do anything to the plexiglas.[if the creature is present][line break]'Smart guys those [key screaming communists]Screaming Communists,' [the creature] comments."

The bars were replaced with another set of bars, which caused problems with ambiguation. Christopher suggested the glass version.