Designing the puzzles of Escapade!

(Please note: the following article discusses the game Escapade! in some depth, so it will contain spoilers.)

I'm not much of a puzzle enthusiast myself. The problem with puzzles is that they tend to come in the way of a good story. Now, to contradict myself completely, so far I have released mainly puzzle games myself. With Escapade! the purpose was to make a puzzle game I myself would enjoy as a player.

In Escapade! your goal is to escape a jail cell. The twist is that there are many ways of escaping, but after all but one of the escapes (the final puzzle) you are caught and returned to the cell. At the end of 2008 the game was submitted to the One Room Game Competition 2008 where it took the second place.
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IFComp 2009: Correlation between rating and the number of testers

Everybody's always talking about how important it is to have your game tested (or at least I'm always talking about it). But does it really matter? Surely if you have a great idea and enough enthusiasm you can do without?
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