Raising the Flag on Mount Yo Momma — 79 of 87

Juhana Leinonen

Release 3

Chapter Bouncer

The bouncer is a man in the Entrance. "A bouncer is standing next to the door with his arms crossed." The description is "The bouncer doesn't look like he's in the perfect job for him, being quite scrawny actually."

Instead of talking to the bouncer:

say "There's nothing you really want to say to him."

Instead of insulting the bouncer:

say "You don't want to get thrown out!"

Instead of attacking the bouncer:

say "Probably not a good idea. He's scrawny for a bouncer, but you're no muscleman either."

Instead of zapping the bouncer with the taser:

try attacking the bouncer.

Instead of showing the jacket to the bouncer:

say "You're too cheap to afford the coat check."

Instead of showing the taser to the bouncer:

say "He'd just throw you out for carrying a weapon in the club."

The hint list of the bouncer is the table of bouncer hints.

Table of bouncer hints

"The bouncer's job, among other things, is to keep trouble out."
"He won't leave his post unless there's a reason to do so."
"A fight would be a good reason."
"Start a fight, or have someone start a fight, and the bouncer will leave his post."
"Insult Vincent and let him loose."
"Insult Vincent and tell him Norbert was the one who said awful things about his momma."