Raising the Flag on Mount Yo Momma — 76 of 87

Juhana Leinonen

Release 3

Chapter Eyepatch

The eyepatch is a thing. The description is "[one of]'I can see you looking at the battle wounds,' Joe says. 'Let them be a warning to you of the dangers of the trade.'

He stays silent for a long time, looking into the distance as if lost in memories. Then suddenly he continues.

'It was my final and most challenging battle. The opponent was good, really good. The best one I've ever met and that's saying a lot. I had battled them all and won them all. I had my reputation at stake and I couldn't afford to lose.'

'So I took out the big gun. The perfect insult, the momma of all Yo Momma insults. The power of it was beautiful and terrifying at the same time. I had crafted it and studied it, but I wasn't strong enough to control it.'

'I'm lucky to have only this to remind me of that day,' he says pointing at his scar, 'many others were not as lucky.'

You were just a toddler when it happened, but you remember the news footage of the carnage. Buildings from two blocks in ruins, injured people being rushed to hospitals. The UN classified the insult as a weapon of mass destruction and some countries even reinstated capital punishment to keep it off wrong hands in the future.[or]Joe's face is disfigured. It's painful to watch, so you don't.[stopping]"

Joe Mahma wears the eyepatch.

Understand "scar" and "patch" and "eye" and "injury" and "wound/wounds" as the eyepatch.

The hint list of the eyepatch is the table of no importance.