Raising the Flag on Mount Yo Momma — 75 of 87

Juhana Leinonen

Release 3

Chapter Joe Mahma

Joe Mahma is a man. "Behind the table lit by a spotlight sits Joe Mahma, smoking a cigar." The description is "Joe Mahma, the legendary Yo Momma insult battle grandmaster, had skills that were far beyond any others. Stories tell of reckless newcomers who were foolish enough to challenge him and then spent years in therapy after a single quip from Joe had broken them down.

It's been said that his almost supernatural skills were also his downfall. He perfected his craft relentlessly. He went too far, where no mortal man should venture. After one final battle that left death and destruction in its wake he disappeared from the public eye and turned in an instant from a celebrated superstar into an outcast.

Now he sits there, with short gray hair and wrinkled face, from time to time puffing smoke from his cigar. An ugly scar runs across his face and right eye. An eyepatch covers the damaged eye but the good one still has a sharp, intelligent glint."

Instead of attacking Joe Mahma:

say "You couldn't do that to Joe Mahma!"

Instead of zapping Joe Mahma with the taser:

try attacking Joe Mahma.

Instead of insulting Joe Mahma:

say "'Uh... [lame insult]...'[paragraph break]'[one of]I see we have a lot of work ahead of us[or]If I insulted you back, you couldn't sleep for months without horrible nightmares[or]Nice try, kid, but no cigar[at random],' he remarks dryly."

Table of Joe Mahma Conversation

"'So you want me to snoop around for inspiration?'[paragraph break]'Yes! Find your opponent's soft spots. Once you've found what would really push him off his feet, challenge him again with renewed confidence.'"
"'What kind of things should I be looking for?'[paragraph break]'Nothing hurts more than the truth. Find out some facts about Gus's life and craft your insults based on them.'"
"'Will you teach me the crane kick now?'[paragraph break]'Don't be daft, girl.'"
"'Remind me again what I should do.'[paragraph break]Joe sighs. 'Snoop around and get some intel on things you could use to draw inspiration from. Then challenge Gus in battle again.'"

The conversation table of Joe Mahma is the Table of Joe Mahma Conversation.

Instead of giving a drink to Joe Mahma:

say "'I'm good, thanks,' he says.".

The hint list of Joe Mahma is the table of Joe Mahma hints.

Table of Joe Mahma hints

"Joe Mahma is old and wise. You should listen and learn."
"Joe knows more about Yo Momma jokes than anyone else."
"Unfortunately he wants you to learn the trade the hard way."
"In other words, Joe is of no particular use when it comes to solving the puzzles."