Raising the Flag on Mount Yo Momma — 69 of 87

Juhana Leinonen

Release 3

Chapter Business card

The business card is a card. The initial appearance is "There's a business card lying on the floor." The description is "It reads 'Sleazeball McDouchebag, Junior Sales Assistant, Johnson's Used Cars and Auto Parts.'"

Before examining the business card when the business card is not handled and the business card is not carried:

clarify "first picking it up";

try taking the business card;

continue the action.

Report taking the business card for the first time (this is the mention the business card's origin rule):

say "Taken. The card must have fallen from the Sleaze's pocket when he fell to the ground." instead.

[The mention the business card's origin rule is listed last in the report taking rules.]

Check smelling the business card:

ignore the block smelling rule.

Report smelling the business card:

say "The obnoxious scent of [the Sleaze]'s aftershave lingers in the card."

Instead of showing the business card to the Sleaze:

say "Nah. He probably has a stack of them."

Test card with "d/w/s/insult vincent/sleaze/n".