Raising the Flag on Mount Yo Momma — 36 of 87

Juhana Leinonen

Release 3

Part Clothes

The street clothes are worn by the player. The street clothes are plural-named. The indefinite article of the street clothes is "your".

Understand "clothing" as the street clothes.

The description of street clothes is "You express your individuality by wearing baggy hip-hop clothes, just like everyone else."

Check taking off street clothes:

say "This is not a strip club." instead.

The hint list of the street clothes is the table of street clothing hint.

Table of street clothing hint

"The main purpose of your clothes is to make you look good and not be naked."
"Other than that the clothes have no particular use."

The track jacket is worn by the player. The description is "The track jacket is the latest craze. Everybody who's somebody has to have one. It's way oversized, just like it should be."

Understand "clothing" as the track jacket.

The hint list of the track jacket is the table of track jacket hints.

Instead of dropping the track jacket:

say "Better not leave the jacket out of sight."

Table of track jacket hints

"The track jacket shields you from the wind. Or it would, if you were outside."
"The jacket is also big enough to conceal something under it if necessary."