Raising the Flag on Mount Yo Momma — 32 of 87

Juhana Leinonen

Release 3

Chapter Talking to

Talking to is an action applying to one thing.

Understand "talk to/with [something]" as talking to.

Understand "talk [something]" as talking to.

Understand the command "t" and "chat" as "talk".

Understand "talk" and "talk to" as talking to.

Rule for supplying a missing noun while talking to and the number of NPC persons in the location is 1:

change the noun to a random NPC person in the location;

clarify "to [the noun]".

Instead of talking to the player:

say "You mumble something to yourself." instead.

Check talking to an irrelevant person (this is the block talking to rule):

say "You have nothing to say to [the noun]." instead.

Check talking to when the noun is not a person (this is the block talking to inanimate things rule):

say "You can only talk to people." instead.

Carry out talking to:

repeat through the conversation table of the noun:

say "[quip entry][line break]";

if the number of filled rows in the conversation table of the noun is greater than 1:

blank out the whole row;


A person has a table-name called the conversation table.

Table of analyzing actions (continued)

topictesting rule
"talking to"test talking to rule

This is the test talking to rule:

say test announcement for "talking to [the noun]";

try the test-actor trying talking to the noun.