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Juhana Leinonen

Release 3

Section 1 - Gates

The gate-door is a scenery door. The gate-door is north of Hotel gates and south of Garden. The printed name of gate-door is "gate". The description of the gate-door is "Large iron gates block the entrance to the hotel. They don't seem to be locked."

Understand "gate" and "gates" as the gate-door.

Check opening the gate-door when the player can see the barking dog:

say "It might not be wise to open the gate when the angry dog is on the other side[first time][if the flute is unfamiliar].

[We] need to do some thinking[end if][only].[paragraph break]";

if the flute is unfamiliar:

instruct about "meditating";

stop the action.

After examining the barking dog when the flute is unfamiliar for the first time:

say "There must be a way in.[paragraph break]";

instruct about "meditating".

Instead of pushing or pulling the gate-door:

try opening the gate-door.

Check climbing the gate-door:

say "That seems rather unnecessary, considering the gate isn't locked." instead.

Check locking the gate-door with something:

say "The gate doesn't have a lock." instead.

Check unlocking the gate-door with something:

say "The gate is not locked." instead.