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Juhana Leinonen

Release 3

Chapter 3 - Hotel gates

The Hotel gates are east of Cable-car platform. "[We] [are] at the gates of an old country-style mansion that has at some point served as a hotel. At the moment there are no signs of it being in use. The garden has overgrown, there are no cars about and the building itself is in a dilapidated state.

The hotel gates are to the north, the cable car platform to the west, and the hiking path leading back down the mountain is to the east."

Before going to the Hotel gates for the first time:

say "[We] walk the road back to an old hotel [we] passed on the way here."

After deciding the scope of the player when the location is the Hotel gates: [1]

if the dog is in the Garden:

place the dog in scope;

if the flute is in the Garden:

place the flute in scope.

Rule for reaching inside Garden: [2]

if the current action is giving something to the dog:

allow access;

if the gate-door is closed:

say "[if the location of the noun is the Garden][The noun][otherwise][The second noun][end if] [are] in the garden behind the gate, beyond [our] reach.";


say "[We] [have] to go closer, into the garden to the north.";

deny access.

Every turn when the location is the Hotel gates (this is the mark things seen through the gates rule): [3]

now the dog is seen;

if the flute is in the Garden:

now the flute is seen.

After looking in the Hotel gates when the angry dog is in the Garden:

say "An angry dog is barking at [us] behind the gate."

Instead of listening to the location when the player can see the angry dog:

say "All [we] hear is the dog barking."


[1]. The two things the player can see through the gates in the other room are the dog and the flute. Here we put them in scope so that the player can interact with them.

[2]. Trying to do something through the gate that requires touch is automatically blocked. The only exception is feeding the dog through the gate, otherwise we'll show a message depending on whether the gate is open or not.

[3]. The Epistemology extension marks things seen only when the player is in the same location with them, so we have to do that manually when the player can see the dog or the flute through the gate.