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Juhana Leinonen

Release 3

Book 6 - Instructions

[The instruction system merely picks the instruction's text from a table, prints it and finally removes it to make sure it won't be repeated.]

Table of Instructions

"meditating""Find a quiet place to MEDITATE."
"meditate instead""Find a quiet place and MEDITATE."
"changing into""With this information you can CHANGE things INTO their counterpart identities. You can also THINK to recall previously learned information."
"repeat meditating""You can MEDITATE again to see if new information is available."
"remind changing""You can now CHANGE these things INTO their counterpart identities."

To instruct about (name - text):

sort the Table of Instructions in id order; [1]

if there is an id of name in the Table of Instructions:

choose the row with id of name from Table of Instructions;

say "[italic type]([info entry])[roman type][line break]";

blank out the whole row.


[1]. There's no practical reason to sort the table, but Inform 6L02 has a bug (#1255) related to empty rows in tables that would cause the story to crash in certain situations. Sorting the table moves the empty rows to the bottom of the table which avoids the bug.