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Part Whiskey bottle

The whiskey bottle is a liquid in the encyclopedia. The description is "According to the label the bottle contains [italic type]Meisterjäger[roman type], a strong liquor." The printing is "The label says 'Meisterjäger'."

Understand "whisky" and "drink" and "alcohol" and "booze/liquor" and "label" and "meisterjäger/meisterjager/meisterjaeger" and "brown" as the whiskey bottle.

Instead of giving the whiskey bottle to the guard:
    say "'Would you be interested in a... little drink?' you say and dangle the bottle in front of the eyehole. [g]Uh, is that [italic type]MEISTERJÄGER?[roman type] I most certainly SHOULD NOT... Maybe a little bit, JUST TO KEEP ME WARM ... JUST SLIP it through the HOLE, will you?' 'It won't fit through,' you remark. 'I must open the door... But KEEP IT QUIET, WILL YOU?'
There's a click from the keyhole and the door opens slightly. You slip the bottle to the guard who snatches it from your hand and slams the door shut. In his excitement he doesn't remember to lock the door! You wait for a moment and open it very carefully.
The guard is enjoying his prize and doesn't notice you slipping through the door. You navigate through the castle corridors until you stop behind a door where you hear conversation behind it.

'DID YOU HEAR that FEDOR has found a BOTTLE OF [italic type]MEISTERJÄGER?[roman type]' a voice yells.

'Meisterjäger? AND HE'S NOT SHARING?' another voice shouts. Several other voices murmur in unison. It gets harder to hear, but it seems they all decide to pay a visit to Fedor and his bottle. By the time you've deduced this, the door opens and twenty Screaming Communists march out.

'FEDOR, you OLD DRUNK we've come to DRINK FOR YOUR HEALTH and we've BROUGHT YOU A PRESENT,' they shout as they shove you to his lap.";
    mark the escape down as "bribing the guard with whiskey";
    remove the whiskey bottle from play;
    pause the cutscene;
    remove the guard from play;
    now the guard is away;
    now the creature is present;
    if the electrical wire is boobytrapping the door:
        say "'ALL RIGHT, IN WE GO,' Fedor shouts and inserts a key in the cell door lock.

He gets a hefty shock from the keyhole, releasing you from his grip. You bolt away - but bump into the other guards. 'FORGOT US, did you? STOP SPASMING FEDOR and do your JOB!'";
        zap the guard;
        pause the cutscene;
    say "The sounds of the Screaming Communists gradually die out when the bottle is finally empty and you're back in the cell with H.R.[paragraph break][c]Welcome back,[c] it says."

Instead of opening the whiskey bottle:
    say "A strong scent of alcohol rises from the bottle. You close the cap quickly again."
Instead of closing the whiskey bottle:
    say "It's already closed."
Instead of drinking or tasting or eating the whiskey bottle:
    say "It's too strong for your tastes."
Instead of attacking or pouring the whiskey bottle on:
    say "While you don't like the taste of it yourself, you understand it would be a shame to let the stuff go to waste."
Instead of pouring the whiskey bottle on glass:
    if the creature is present:
        say "[c]We're not that fancy here. Just drink from the bottle,' [the creature] says.";
        say "You're not in the mood for drinking. You can drink straight from the bottle if need be."
Carry out looking through the whiskey bottle:
    say "The world gets a brownish hue when seen through the bottle." instead.

Instead of giving the whiskey bottle to the creature when the creature is present:
    say "'Thanks, but I have to keep a clear head to make the best deals,' [the creature] says."