An interactive fiction by Juhana Leinonen (2008) - the Inform 7 source text

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Chapter Tongue

The tongue is part of the player. The description is "You can't see it without a mirror."

The creature response of the tongue is "'Blaah,' you blurt out and show your tongue to the creature. 'What the [bowdler],' [the creature] says."

The tongue can be numb. It is not numb.

The Numbed Tongue is a recurring scene.

The Numbed Tongue begins when the tongue is numb.

The Numbed Tongue ends when the time since The Numbed Tongue began is 8 minutes.

When the Numbed Tongue ends:
    if the tongue is numb:
        say "The numbness on your tongue subsides and some sense returns to it[if the creature is present][one of]. [c]Too bad that doesn't apply to the rest of your head,[c] [the creature] quips[or][stopping][end if].";
        now the tongue is not numb.

Instead of touching something with the tongue:
    try tasting the noun.

Instead of tasting the tongue:
    say "No, you taste things [italic type]with[roman type] a tongue."
Instead of eating the tongue:
    say "It would choke you."
Instead of looking through the tongue:
    try examining the tongue.