An interactive fiction by Juhana Leinonen (2008) - the Inform 7 source text

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Volume 2 - The World

Book 1 - When play begins

When play begins:
    say "'We'll have to split up. I'll go after the bombers, you find the fastest way out of here. Tell the President he has to evacuate, immediately!'
Those were the last words you heard from Captain McBrawn before he rode away hanging on the skid of a helicopter with one hand, his muscular arm gleaming in the light of the setting sun. It is up to you now to find your way to the President of the World and warn him of the impending attack. Finally, some responsibility after all these years!

You descend from the rooftop planning the trip to the drop-off point. At the base of the building the Screaming Communists capture you. Figures.";
    pause the cutscene;
    say "A group of stern, vicious looking Screaming Communists march through the barren land, dragging you behind them. Their destination is a gloomy medieval castle. The commander shouts orders to one of the soldiers who grabs you by the collar of your sweater and escorts you inside.
After a long climb through dark corridors and endless staircases, the guard throws you in a dark, cold cell and slams the door shut. A chill runs down your spine and desperation starts to creep in.[line break][line break]"

Before looking for the first time:
    say "[command clarification break]";

After looking for the first time:
    say "[italic type](For more information about the game, type ABOUT.)[roman type][line break]".

The mark items as seen when looking rule is listed in the when play begins rules. [this makes sure the items initially in the cell are marked as "known"]