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Book 12 - Lighting the cell

[These rules make it so that only the part that's on the window side is dark when the cell goes dark.]

A thing can be self-lit. A thing is usually not self-lit. ["self-lit" things are visible even if they are not under the moonlight (for example, the moon and the window)]
A thing can be hidden in dim light. A thing is usually not hidden in dim light. [these items are never in the scope while in darkness (unless carried)]

Definition: A thing is seen in darkness if it is enclosed by the cell and it is not hidden in dim light and (it is by the door or it is the middle or it is self-lit).
After deciding the scope of the player while in darkness:
    repeat with x running through every seen in darkness things:
        place x in scope, but not its contents;
    if the ominous shapes is in the cell:
        place the ominous shapes in scope.
The sticker is hidden in dim light.

Visibility rule when in darkness (this is the always light rule):
    if the current action is reading:
        there is insufficient light;
    there is sufficient light.

The look around once light available rule is not listed in any rulebook.