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Volume 5 - Extra discussion topics

escaping is a conversable thing. It is improper-named. Understand "escape" and "breakout" and "breaking out" and "break-out" and "break out" as escaping.
The creature response is "'I have to find an escape!'[paragraph break]'Good luck with that, kid,' [the creature] says."
The guard response is "[the guard response of the President]".

The kitchen utensils is a conversable thing. It is plural-named. Understand "utensil" as the kitchen utensils. The creature response is "'Kitchen utensils?'[paragraph break]The creature looks inside the [key trading-bag]bag[endkey trading-bag] and waves its hands in exaggerated gestures. 'OOOoohh.. I traded the last set just hours ago. Tough luck, kid!'".

The trading-business is a conversable thing. Understand "trade/trading" and "business" and "exchange/exchanging" and "swap/swapping" as trading-business. The printed name of trading-business is "trading". The creature response is "[one of]'So... You're a trader?' you ask. 'Yessir, that I am!' the creature replies. 'I am well known everywhere in [key castle]Castle Schweinehund[endkey castle], swapping items you don't need anymore for quality merchandise! Just show me what you got and I'll see if there's something I could trade you for it.'[or]'What kind of things do you have for trade?'[paragraph break][c]All kinds of things,' [the creature] replies. 'Give me something and you'll see.'[or]'Could I have money for my stuff?' you ask. [c]Nah, I don't like money. It's too abstract. Besides money has no use here,' [the creature] says.[stopping]".

The castle is a conversable thing. Understand "schweinehund/schweinhund" and "this place" and "here" and "fort/fortress" and "prison/cell/jail/room" as the castle.
The creature response of the castle is "'What is this place anyhow? Where are we?'[paragraph break][c]This is Castle Schweinehund,' [the creature] tells you. 'Story goes that the [key previous owners]previous owners[endkey previous owners] built it on an ancient burial ground and used it to perform occultist rituals, opening portals to other worlds and so on. Sounds like old wives['] tales to me,' it says and runs its hand across its tail."
The guard response of the castle is "'Where are you keeping me? What is this place?' you demand to know.[paragraph break]'This is CASTLE SCHWEINEHUND! A BEAUTIFUL FORT of [key screaming communists]SCREAMING COMMUNISTS[endkey screaming communists]! And you will NEVER ESCAPE from here!'"

The previous owners are a conversable thing. They are plural-named. Understand "inhabitants" and "owner" as the previous owners.
The creature response of the previous owners is "'Who were the previous owners?'[paragraph break]'I'm not sure exactly. They were quite loud as well but not to the extent of the current ones.'".
The guard response of the previous owners is "'What happened to the previous owners of the castle?'[paragraph break]'I... DON'T KNOW,' he replies. 'WE found the castle ABANDONED.'".

The Screaming Communists are a conversable thing. They are plural-named. Understand "commies" as the Screaming Communists.
The creature response of the Screaming Communists is "'What do you think of the Screaming Communists?' you ask [the creature].[paragraph break][c]They're a bit loud for my tastes. And they're not the ideal business partners, either. They tend to rather shoot you and take your stuff instead of trading.'".
The guard response of the Screaming Communists is "'What does it actually mean being a Screaming Communist?'[paragraph break][g]You get to SCREAM! And THREATEN PEOPLE! By SCREAMING! AND I LIKE IT![g] he replies."

Should the game choose when comparing the Screaming Communists against the guard:
    it is an excellent choice.

The President is a conversable thing.
The creature response of the President is "'My mission is to save the President of the World,' you tell [the creature].[paragraph break]'I bet the President would have stuff to trade,' it ponders."
The guard response of the President is "'I'm going to break out and save the President!'[paragraph break]'HA! I SPIT at your PRESIDENT!' the guard yells."

The cousin Herbert is a thing. It is not conversable. It is proper-named.
Understand "herbie" and "monster" as cousin Herbert.

The creature response of cousin Herbert is "'Wait, you knew there was a monster in the air ducts?' you cry. 'Sure. It's cousin Herbert, hired by the [key screaming communists]Screaming Communists[endkey screaming communists] to keep the vents safe,' [the creature] says.[paragraph break]'Then why didn't you say anything [italic type]before[roman type] I went in there[interrobang]'[paragraph break][The creature] shrugs. 'I thought Herbie might have been hungry.'".

The guard response of cousin Herbert is "[one of]'There's a MONSTER in the air ducts!' you scream.[paragraph break]'THERE'S NO NEED TO SHOUT', the guard says. 'It's just HERBIE. It's doing A GREAT JOB.'[or]'Wait, you put the monster there?'[paragraph break]'NOT EXACTLY. Let's just say that WE HAVE A DEAL,' the guard shouts.[or]'What kind of deal you have with Herbert?' you ask.[paragraph break]'HERBIE keeps the DUCTS CLEAN, and IN RETURN it gets to eat anyone he finds,' the guard tells you.[stopping]".

The karaoke-machine is a thing.
Understand "karaoke" and "karaoke machine" as the karaoke-machine.
The creature response of the karaoke-machine is "'You have a karaoke machine? Good, I was getting a bit hungry, even though I don't like fish that much,' you assert.[paragraph break][The creature] rolls its eyes."