An interactive fiction by Juhana Leinonen (2008) - the Inform 7 source text

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Calling is an action applying to one visible thing.

Understand "call [any man]" as calling.

Carry out calling the guard:
    if the guard is away:
        say "The rectangle on the cell door slides open and a pair of beady eyes appear behind it. [g]WHAT is all this RACKET?' a loud voice behind the door says[if the player is naked]. After a short pause the voice goes, [one of]'WHAT THE... are you NAKED IN THERE?'[or]'Why you... ARE YOU STILL NAKED?'[stopping][otherwise].[end if][one of][line break]'Help! You have to get me out of here!' you beg.[paragraph break]'HA! HA! WHY would I do THAT? I'M THE [key guard]GUARD[endkey guard], I'M SUPPOSED TO KEEP YOU INSIDE!' the voice roars.[or][stopping]";
        say "[g]WHAT?' the guard yells.";
    now the guard is in the cell;
    now the guard is interested;
    now the creature is absent;
    change the pronoun he to the guard;
    if the show keyword setup hint is true:
        say keyword setup hint.

Every turn:
    if the guard is interested:
        now the guard is bored.

Instead of knocking on the celldoor: [yelling is dealt with in its action code]
    try calling the guard.

The Guard's Visit is a recurring scene.

The Guard's Visit begins when the guard is in the cell.
The Guard's Visit ends when the guard has been bored for 4 turns or the guard is not in the cell.

When the Guard's Visit ends:
    if the guard is in the cell:
        say "[one of]'WELL if you DIDN'T HAVE anything else,' the guard shouts[or]The guard grunts[stopping] and closes the eyehole.";
        make the guard leave.

To make the guard leave:
    remove the guard from play;
    now the guard is away;
    if the creature is in the cell and the creature is first name basis:
        now the creature is present;
        change the pronoun he to the creature.

To say goodbye to the guard:
    say "'[one of]I have nothing to say now[or]I guess that was all[or]Ok, bye now[at random],' you say to the guard before talking to H.R. '[one of]WHATEVER[or]JUST DON'T BOTHER ME ANYMORE[or]FINE[or]ALL RIGHT THEN[at random],' the guard yells and slides the eyehole shut.";
    make the guard leave.

Before discussing with the creature about something when the guard is in the cell:
    say goodbye to the guard;
    continue the action.
Before babbling to the creature that when the guard is in the cell:
    say goodbye to the guard;
    continue the action.