An interactive fiction by Juhana Leinonen (2008) - the Inform 7 source text

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Volume 4 - The Guard

Book General

The guard is a man. He is by the door. The description is "The guard's eyes are the only thing that can be seen through the eyehole." The initial appearance is "The guard eyes you through the eyehole."
The guard can be bored, interested or away. The guard is away.
The guard is conversable.
The guard can be spoken. He is not spoken.

Understand "man" and "screaming" and "communist/commie" as the guard.
Understand "himself" as the guard when the guard is not away.
Understand "fedor" as the guard.
Understand "eye/eyes" as the guard.

The guard response of the guard is "'So... you're a guard, huh? How's that working for you?'[paragraph break]The eyes behind the door squint. [g]Are you COMING ON TO ME?[g]"

The creature response of the guard is "[if the creature is mentioned by the guard]'Why can't the guard see you?' you ask [the creature][paragraph break]'That's because I'm just a product of your imagination,' it says.[paragraph break]'Oh I see.'[paragraph break]'That was a joke, dummy! He's got a bad eyesight and no glasses,' it explains.[otherwise]'There's a guard outside who yells at me and won't let me leave,' you complain.[paragraph break][c]Yeah, that's what [key screaming communists]Screaming Communists[endkey screaming communists] do,[c] [the creature] replies."

Rule for deciding whether all includes the guard:
    it does not.
Carry out bribing the guard with:
    try giving the second noun to the guard.

[the following are substitutions for quotation marks. Whenever the creature talks, the flag is set that it has spoken, so random quips won't be shown.]
To say g:
    say "'";
    now the guard is interested.
To say silent g: [this is when the guard sighs or does something else that doesn't need the quotation marks but should set the flag anyway]
    now the guard is interested.
After discussing with the guard about:
    now the guard is interested;
    continue the action.