An interactive fiction by Juhana Leinonen (2008) - the Inform 7 source text

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Part Ominous shape

[this is the creature and his sack when the lights are off]
The ominous shapes are in the Cell. They are plural-named, fixed in place, conversable and self-lit. The description is "[one of]There's something very unnerving in the darkest corner of the cell... You can see the outlines of a round lumpy object and another, taller figure almost your size.[paragraph break]It's as if the taller shape just moved a bit. You hold back a whimper.[or]You daren't look anymore. Maybe they'll go away.[stopping]".

The guard response of the ominous shapes is "[one of]'You got to let me out of here! There's... something here with me!'[paragraph break][g]OH GROW UP and stop IMAGINING THINGS,[g] the guard yells.[or]'Look, I'm not kidding, there's some monster in the cell!'[paragraph break][g]RIGHT and I'M MARILYN MONROE,[g] the guard yells.[paragraph break]'Marilyn, you have to get me out!' you say.[or][g]IF THIS IS ABOUT THE IMAGINARY MONSTER, I DON'T WANT TO HEAR IT,' the guard shouts.[stopping]"

After discussing with the guard about the ominous shapes:
    say "He [one of]grunts and [or][stopping]slams the eyehole shut. You hear footsteps going away from the door.";
    make the guard leave.

Understand "shape" and "figure/figures" and "dark" and "corner" and "outline/outlines" and "round" and "lumpy" and "object" and "tall/taller" and "disturbing" and "unnerving" as the ominous shapes.

Instead of listening to the ominous shapes:
    say "You hold very still, listening if the figures make any noise. They do not."
Before doing something with the ominous shapes:
    if the current action is not examining and the current action is not discussing with and the current action is not targetless discussing and the current action is not listening to:
        say "You don't have the courage." instead;
        continue the action.