An interactive fiction by Juhana Leinonen (2008) - the Inform 7 source text

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Part Acidic spit

The acidic spit is a conversable thing. It is liquid. The indefinite article is "some".

Understand "saliva" and "acid" as the acidic spit.

The creature response of the acidic spit is "[one of]'So, your spit is acidic?' you ask. [c]That's what the command clarification says,[c] it replies.[or]'How come your spit doesn't burn you?' you wonder.[paragraph break][c]Well, I'm immune myself, of course. But almost everything else corrodes by touch.'[stopping]".

Instead of inserting the acidic spit into the drinking glass:
    try taking the spit;
    continue the action.

Instead of inserting the acidic spit into something (called the receiver):
    try pouring the acidic spit on the receiver.

Instead of pouring the acidic spit on something (called the receiver):
    if the receiver is the guard:
        say "He would probably be badly burned or even blinded, and escaping would not be any closer after that. In the worst case you would just create another supervillain and Captain McBrawn has already more than enough of those.";
    otherwise if the receiver is the creature:
        say "You drop some spit on the creature but nothing happens.[if the creature is present][line break][c]Didn't I tell you I'm immune to it?' it says.";
        say "You pour a few drops of the spit on [the receiver]. The spit sizzles away in trails of smoke, leaving brown spots where it landed."

[if the player does EMPTY GLASS, the spit goes into player's inventory. This will take care of it.]
Every turn when the acidic spit is not in the glass:
    remove the acidic spit from play.

Test spit with "test encyclopedia/open book/get glass/put spit in glass".