An interactive fiction by Juhana Leinonen (2008) - the Inform 7 source text

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Book Spit

Part Spit puddle

The spit puddle is a thing in the cell. It is scenery, liquid, and by the window. The description is "A sizzling greenish puddle of saliva is forming by the feet of the creature." The printed name is "puddle of saliva".

Understand "saliva" and "of" as the spit puddle.
Understand "green/greenish" and "acid/acidic" as the spit puddle.

Should the game choose doing something with the spit puddle when also considering the acidic spit: never.

Instead of taking the spit puddle:
    if the acidic spit is in the glass:
        say "You already have some spit in the drinking glass.";
        stop the action;
    if the player cannot see the drinking glass:
        say "You need something to put the spit in.";
        stop the action;
    if something is in the drinking glass:
        say "(first removing [the list of things in the drinking glass] from the glass)[command clarification break]";
        now everything in the drinking glass is carried by the player;
    say "You scoop some of the spit from the floor into the glass.";
    now the player carries the glass;
    now the acidic spit is in the glass;
    rule succeeds.

Instead of pouring the spit puddle on something:
    if the player can see the glass:
        try taking the spit puddle;
        try pouring the acidic spit on the second noun.

Instead of looking under the spit puddle:
    say "The floor is under it.".

Instead of searching the spit puddle:
    say "There doesn't seem to be anything in it.".

Instead of touching the spit puddle:
    say "You put your finger carefully in the saliva. You quickly feel a burning sensation and pull your finger away[if the creature is present]. [c]Eww. That's gross,' [the creature] says[end if]."

Instead of smelling the spit puddle:
    say "There's a sharp pungent smell to the saliva.".

Instead of listening to the spit puddle:
    say "It sizzles.".

Instead of tasting or eating the spit puddle:
    say "That would just be too disgusting.".