An interactive fiction by Juhana Leinonen (2008) - the Inform 7 source text

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Chapter Winch

The winch is a part of the trebuchet. It is not conversable. The description is "A round wooden disc connects to the machinery with an axle, where it winds the mechanism. It seems to be missing its handles. There are just holes in regular intervals around the rim of the disc."

Understand "wooden" and "disc/disk" and "axle" and "holes" and "rim" and "wheel" as the winch.
Understand "mechanism" and "machinery" as the winch.

Instead of turning the winch:
    if the iron bars are not part of the winch:
        say "The winch is missing its handles. You can't get a good grip.";
    otherwise if the catapult-arm is tensioned:
        say "The arm is as far as it can go. You can't turn the winch any further.";
        say "You turn the winch with all your might and [the trebuchet]'s mechanism screams and wails as the arm tensions and lowers down.";
        now the catapult-arm is tensioned.
Instead of inserting the iron bars into the winch:
    if the iron bars are part of the winch:
        say "The bars are already in the winch.";
        say "You insert the bars into the holes in the winch. They fit perfectly.[if the creature is present][one of][line break][c]Isn't that just convenient,' [the creature] remarks.[or][stopping]";
        now the iron bars are part of the winch.
Understand "wind [winch]" as turning.