Raising the Flag on Mount Yo Momma — 85 of 87

Juhana Leinonen

Release 3

Section Wallet

The wallet is in the satchel. The description is "Huh, it's Gus's wallet. Might be interesting."

Instead of taking the wallet for the first time:

say "You go through the wallet quckily and discover a photograph. Looks like... well, it's an ugly old hag... wait, could it be Gus's momma?

Yes! It must be! She has this horrible wart in the middle of her face... Now that just gets your creative juices moving, not to mention your dinner. You quickly replace the picture and the wallet.";

get inspired by "wart";

now the current selection of the jukebox is rap;

award 3 points for "learning Gus's momma has a wart the size of Belgium".

Instead of taking the wallet:

say "You're not a thief!"

Instead of searching or opening the wallet:

try taking the wallet.