Raising the Flag on Mount Yo Momma — 82 of 87

Juhana Leinonen

Release 3

Chapter Ralph

Ralph is a man in the Hall of Fame. "[if alert]Ralph, one of Gus's goons, is sitting here with a satchel.[otherwise]Ralph is here, pounding the jukebox.[end if]". The description is "Ralph is one of those dung beetles who cling onto Gus out of hope that his fame would somehow rub off and transfer onto them. He must have some task, otherwise he wouldn't be so far away from his hero."

Understand "goon" and "thug" and "dungbeetle" as Ralph.

Ralph is either distracted or alert. Ralph is alert.

The conversation table of Ralph is the table of Ralph Conversation.

Table of Ralph Conversation

"'What's going on, Ralph?'[paragraph break]'Get lost, squirt. There's nothing here for you,' he says."

Instead of insulting Ralph:

say "'[Lame insult].'[paragraph break]'Get outta here,' Ralph just says and waves his hand."

The hint list of Ralph is the table of Ralph hints.

Table of Ralph hints

"Ralph is guarding the satchel like a hawk. You need to get him out of the way."
"There is something you can do that will distract him."
"There's a particular style of music he doesn't like."
"You need to find a way to make the jukebox work."
"When you have coins to operate the jukebox, push the 'ass' button."
"Ralph goes to change the music, but he's back before you can do anything with the satchel."
"You need to find a way for Ralph to spend more time with the machine."
"If he couldn't change the music he wouldn't come back so soon."
"You need to jam the jukebox somehow."
"Find something that would make the jukebox stuck."
"Bubblegum would do the trick."
"When you have found the bubblegum, use it to make the machine stuck."
"Put the gum in the classical button so that it won't be able to pop up."