Raising the Flag on Mount Yo Momma — 56 of 87

Juhana Leinonen

Release 3

Chapter Speaker

The speaker is in the artist hangout. The speaker is fixed in place. "A massive loudspeaker is booming tunes next to the stage." The description is "The loudspeaker booms the tunes in deafening volume. Every bass beat makes the ground tremble slightly."

Understand "loud" and "loudspeaker" and "subwoofer" and "sub" as the speaker.

Instead of listening to the speaker:

try listening.

Instead of searching the speaker:

say "There's nothing under the speaker."

Instead of searching the speaker when the lens is hidden or the lens is unreachable:

say "Under the speaker near the wall you spot a bulging glass object. It can't be anything else than the lens from Norbert's glasses!";

move the lens to the Artist hangout;

now the lens is unreachable.

To decide whether bass booms:

if techno is the current selection of the jukebox and the volume of the jukebox is high, decide yes;

decide no.

Every turn when the location is the artist hangout and the lens is unreachable and bass booms:

say "The loud bass tones make the lens under the speaker bounce up and down. At the same time it moves gradually more and more away from the wall until it's within your reach.";

now the lens is reachable.

The hint list of the speaker is the table of no importance.