Raising the Flag on Mount Yo Momma — 52 of 87

Juhana Leinonen

Release 3

Chapter Gus

Gus is a man in the Artist hangout. "Gus stands here chatting with his posse."

The description of Gus is "Gus, the insult battle champion. He's not that tough. You could beat him, if you were a little bit more well prepared..."

After examining Gus when Gus wears the sweater:

say "Gus is wearing a blue sweater."

Instead of talking to Gus:

say "[one of]'Beat it, kid. We don't have anything to talk about.'[or]'I said beat it! Is there something you didn't understand?'[or]'I ain't got time for wannabes. Get lost.'[stopping]"

Instead of insulting Gus:

try challenging Gus.

Check challenging Gus:

say "'Kid, you just don't know the ropes, do you?' Gus sneers. 'You challenge the champion -- me -- by getting on that stage. We do this the right way or not at all.'" instead.

Instead of attacking Gus:

say "Broken legs won't help here; if Gus is out of the game, he keeps the title. You won't win by default if he can't climb on the stage."

Instead of zapping Gus with the taser:

try attacking gus.

Instead of showing the business card to Gus:

if the Sleaze is totally beaten:

say "'Hey, this guy...'[paragraph break]'Yeah, we already beat the crap out of him. What's the matter with you?' Gus gushes.";

otherwise if Britney is drunk:

say "'Hey Gus, I saw this creep getting Britney drunk over there at the lounge.'[paragraph break]'What?' Gus leans over the stage and sees Britney bouncing on the sofas. 'Who was it? Let's go, gang.'

Gus takes his posse and heads to the bar. You can't quite see what's happening and it might be better so considering how easily you get nightmares from seeing excess violence. They return minutes later. 'That should teach him,' Gus says and cracks his knuckles.";

now the Sleaze is totally beaten;

now the Sleaze is scenery;

otherwise if VIP-Sleaze has been in the VIP lounge:

say "'Hey Gus, there[if the VIP-sleaze is in the VIP lounge] was[otherwise]'s[end if] some douche hitting on your girl.'[paragraph break]Gus waves you off. 'Brit can take care of herself, as long as she doesn't get drunk.'";


say "'Hey Gus, this one dude there...'[paragraph break]'Get lost. Why should I care?' Gus says."

The hint list of Gus is the table of Gus hints.

Table of Gus hints

"Gus is the guy you need to beat in a yo momma insult battle."
"You can start a battle by climbing on the stage."
"There's one thing you need from Gus."
"He's wearing it."
"You need to read the tag on Gus's sweater."
"You can't read the tag while Gus is wearing the sweater."
"Find a way to get Gus remove his sweater."