Raising the Flag on Mount Yo Momma — 5 of 87

Juhana Leinonen

Release 3

Book Custom Library Messages

Table of custom library messages (continued)

Message Id Message Text
LibMsg <cannot reach within other places>"You are too far away.[/n]"
LibMsg <you have died>"GAME OVER"
LibMsg <block listening>"You hear only the [if the volume of jukebox is not low]deafening [end if]beat of music.[/n]"
LibMsg <person ignores command>"[italic type](You can't give direct commands to other people in this game.)[roman type][/n]"
LibMsg <block buying>"[Cap it-they of the noun] [is-are of the noun] not for sale.[/n]"
LibMsg <block drinking>"You can't drink [it-them of the noun].[/n]"
LibMsg <cannot eat unless edible>"Better not stick your tongue on [that-those of the noun].[/n]"
LibMsg <block climbing>"Not much is to be achieved by that.[/n]"
LibMsg <no objects available>"There's nothing immediately obvious to take here.[/n]"
LibMsg <block attacking>"There's no reason to attack [the noun].[/n]"
LibMsg <block showing>"At the last moment you decide not to do that.[/n]"