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Juhana Leinonen

Release 3

Section 12 - Windows

The dining-hall windows are scenery in the Dining hall. The printed name is "windows". The description is "Some rays of light filter through the dirty windows, illuminating the dust particles floating in the air."

The dining-hall windows are plural-named.

Understand "dirty" and "light" as the dining-hall windows.

Instead of opening or pulling or pushing the dining-hall windows:

say "Most of the windows are not the kind that open. Those that are can't be opened anymore thanks to dirt and rust."

Check closing the dining-hall windows:

say "They're already closed." instead.

Check entering the dining-hall windows:

say "They're not open." instead.

Check rubbing the dining-hall windows:

say "Cleaning the windows might bring in some extra light, but [we] can already see just fine." instead.

Check searching the windows: [>LOOK THROUGH]

say "Through the dirt [we] can see the garden." instead.