Sparkle — 57 of 108

Juhana Leinonen

Release 3

Chapter 5 - Hiking path

The Hiking path is east of Hotel gates. "A scenic hiking path leads back down the mountain. [We] know it all too well, having walked it up here in the first place. The way back to the hotel is to the west."

Instead of going nowhere in the Hiking path:

say "It is a lovely route, but [our] goal is in another direction."

[Remind the player that they can keep meditating after exploring. If the fish or the glove are known it means the player has explored enough to have seen them, but if their counterparts are unknown it means they haven't meditated since seeing them.]

Every turn when the player is in the Hiking path and (the fish is known or the glove is known) and the tornado is unknown and the cantaloupe is unknown:

instruct about "repeat meditating".