Sparkle — 54 of 108

Juhana Leinonen

Release 3

Section 2 - Fish

The fish is a scenery thing. The description is "The koi swims around in the pond, looking a bit lonely."

The fish equals the tornado. The tornado is secondary.

Understand "koi" as the fish.

Instead of taking the fish:

say "The fish is too fast for [us] and slips away at every attempt to catch."

Instead of changing the fish into the familiar tornado:

say "The fish starts to sparkle under the water. It soon disappears and a tall water spout forms in its place. The spout makes it out of the pond and manages to travel a meter or two before dissipating and releasing the water as a rain on the garden[if the player is carrying the open umbrella]. Thankfully [we] have the umbrella and [we]['re] spared of getting wet[otherwise], getting [our] clothes wet[end if][if the dog is in the garden]. The dog looks at [us] angrily and shakes his fur dry[end if][if the dirty dog is in the garden]. Too bad it wasn't enough water to clean him[end if].

[We] look in the now almost empty pond and see a glint of metal. There seems to be a key stuck in the mud. Some hotel guest must have dropped it there by accident.[paragraph break]";

if the player is carrying the open umbrella:

award the "Not a Drop" achievement;

if the dog is in garden:

award the "Wet Dog" achievement;

remove the fish from play;

now the koi pond is empty;

move the room key to the koi pond.

Instead of eating or tasting the fish:

say "[We] would have to catch it, kill it, gut it, and find a way to cook it. That's just too much work."

Check smelling the fish:

say "[We] can't smell it when it's below the surface." instead.

Instead of pulling or pushing or turning the fish:

say "[We] can't do that."

Check playing the fish:

say "The fish doesn't seem very playful." instead.

First check watering the fish with:

say "It's quite wet already." instead.

Check touching the fish:

say "The fish is too fast for [us] to touch." instead.