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Book 5 - Items

Part Photograph

The photograph is a thing carried by the player. It is insubstantial and self-lit. The description is "[if the photograph is intact]It's a postcard sized signed photograph of Captain McBrawn. You carry it with you everywhere you go and it's beginning to show the wear and tear.[otherwise]It's a silhouette of Captain McBrawn cut from a photograph.[end if]". The printing of the photograph is "[if the photograph is intact]'To Sotty, Cpt. Harrison McBrawn.' Good ol['] Captain. Still doesn't remember your name.[otherwise]The signature is illegible now that the photo is cut up.[end if]".
[self-lit because otherwise it is removed from the scope when dropped in darkness]

The photograph can be cut up or intact. It is intact.

The creature response of the photograph is "[if the photograph is intact][one of]'Look, here's Captain McBrawn. Doesn't he look heroic and brave?'[paragraph break]'Wait, where's his head?' [the creature] asks. 'It's right there behind his biceps,' you say.[or]'Captain McBrawn will come to rescue me,' you say. 'Good for you,' [the creature] replies.[stopping][otherwise]You try to hold back tears. 'Look what I did! I totally ruined Captain McBrawn's photograph,' you confess to the creature. 'Now now, I'm sure he will give you a new one,' [the creature] comforts you.[paragraph break]'Oh I have a drawer full of these at home,' you say. 'It's just that I had to ruin [italic type]this one[roman type].'[paragraph break]'What? You have a ... sheesh louise,' [the creature] mutters and runs its hands across its face.".
The guard response of the photograph is "'You should better let me go peacefully before it's too late! This here is Captain McBrawn and he'll be coming to rescue me and then you will be in [italic type]big trouble![roman type]'[paragraph break][g]OOH, I'M TREMBLING,' the guard shouts."

Understand "photo/picture/pic" as the photograph.
Understand "postcard/card" as the photograph.
Understand "post card" as the photograph.
Understand "captain" as the photograph.
Understand "mcbrawn/macbrawn" as the photograph.
Understand "signature/signing" as the photograph.

Understand "silhouette" as the photograph when the photograph is cut up.

Instead of tearing the photograph:
    try attacking the photograph.
Instead of giving the photograph to the creature when the creature is present:
    try discussing with the creature about the photograph.
Instead of giving the photograph to the guard:
    try discussing with the guard about the photograph.

Instead of searching the photograph:
    say "You have inspected every speck of the photograph. There is nothing more there to search for.".

Instead of attacking the photograph:
    if the photograph is cut up:
        say "It's already mutilated enough. Unfortunately.";
        say "[italic type]Never![roman type] Even the very thought makes you weep gently.[if the creature is present][one of][insult wimpiness][or][stopping]".

Instead of touching the photograph:
    say "You caress the photograph slightly. 'Oh Captain, my Captain! [italic type]You[roman type] would surely find a way out of here in a blink of an eye!'".

Instead of squeezing the photograph:
    say "No, it might go bad.".

Instead of smelling the photograph:
    say "You smell the photograph, hoping that it would carry the familiar musky scent of Captain McBrawn. Instead you smell only your own hands.".

Instead of listening to the photograph:
    say "'Oh Captain! How will I ever escape this heinous place?'

You hold the picture to your ear, but alas! It does not answer.".

Instead of rubbing the photograph:
    say "Is that a speck of dirt on the photo? You scrub the picture [italic type]very gently[roman type] with your index finger.".

Instead of kissing the photograph:
    say "That's not something you do. At least not that often. Not every day, anyhow."

Instead of cutting the photograph when the player can see the nail scissors:
    if the photograph is cut up:
        say "You've mutilated the picture far enough.";
        stop the action;
    if the player is not carrying the nail scissors:
        say "(first taking [the nail scissors])[command clarification break]";
        silently try taking the nail scissors;
    say "After hesitating for a while you carefully cut out Captain McBrawn's image from the photograph. It takes a good while with the nearly useless dull scissors.
You look at the McBrawn's silhouette, which is perfectly cut out but the photograph and the autograph is ruined. The sacrifice makes a silent tear roll on your cheek.[if the creature is present][insult wimpiness]";
    now the photograph is cut up;
    now the nail scissors are not useful.
Test cutting with "test dinner/trade foil/cut photo".