An interactive fiction by Juhana Leinonen (2008) - the Inform 7 source text

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Chapter Becoming small

This is the code for how the vial *should* have worked - but I ran out of time. Maybe in a later version.

Yourself can be tiny or normal-sized. Yourself is normal-sized.

At the time when the potion's effect wears out:
    if the player is tiny:
        say "You feel like you're being stretched from inside and the world grows smaller and smaller until it's the same size as it has usually been.";
        now the player is normal-sized;
        now the creature is present.

Minusculity rules is a rulebook.
Before doing something when the player is tiny (this is the your options are quite limited when you are very small rule):
    abide by the minusculity rules.

The your options are quite limited when you are very small rule is listed first in the before rules.

Minusculity rule for looking:
    say "** (altered room description)";
    rule fails.
Minusculity rule for taking:
    say "[The noun] is far too big now for taking.";
    rule fails.
Minusculity rule for inserting it into:
    say "[The noun] and [the second noun] are too unwieldy now for you to handle.";
    rule fails.

Minusculity rule for drinking a liquid:
    if the noun is the spit puddle:
        rule succeeds;
    say "The liquid is not at your reach now.";
    rule fails.
Minusculity rule for knocking on:
    say "You are so small the knocking doesn't make any audible noise.";
    rule fails.
Minusculity rule for swimming in:
    if the noun is the spit puddle:
        say "You take a deep breath and jump in the puddle which looks like a huge lake now. You swim around happily, not minding the tingling feeling all over your body. After a very short while the acid burns through your skin, then the internal organs, and finally dissolves the bones.";
        end the game in death;

After printing the player's obituary when the game ended in death:
    say "Congratulations, you found the only way of dying in the game! Type UNDO to continue playing.";
Minusculity rule for climbing:
    say "You try to climb [the noun] but it's just too big to scale."

One escape was to catch "cold" in the cell, then freeze the bars on the window with it and break them. To do this you would have to strip naked so you could "catch a cold".

The puzzle was dropped for obvious reasons.