An interactive fiction by Juhana Leinonen (2008) - the Inform 7 source text

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Part Tin foil

The tin foil is a closed, opaque, openable container. It is on the dinner plate. The carrying capacity is 1. It is not conversable. The description is "[foil desc][run paragraph on]"; [there will be an extra line space without running the paragraph on]

To say foil desc:
    if the fish is in the tin foil:
        say "It's a small bundle of tin foil[if the tin foil is open] with a suspicious looking boiled fish inside[otherwise]. Judging by the pungent smell there might be some food inside[end if].";
        say "It's a crumpled sheet of tin foil[if something is in the tin foil and the tin foil is open]. There's [a list of things in the tin foil] inside[otherwise if something is in the tin foil]. There seems to be something inside[end if]."

Instead of eating the tin foil:
    say "You bite down on the foil and feel a spark of sharp pain to your teeth.".

Instead of smelling the tin foil:
    say "It [if the fish is not in the tin foil]still [end if]smells quite pungent.".
Instead of wearing the tin foil:
    say "You contemplate on making a foil hat to prevent unwanted telepathy, but decide you don't have the time.[if the creature is present][one of][line break][question intelligence] [the creature] wonders.[or][stopping]"

Understand "small" and "sheet" and "of" and "crumpled" and "silvery/silver" and "package/bundle" as the tin foil.