An interactive fiction by Juhana Leinonen (2008) - the Inform 7 source text

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Part Glue remover

The glue remover is a liquid. It is useful. It is not conversable. The description is "It is a small tube of glue remover.". The indefinite article is "some".

Understand "tube" as the glue remover.

Instead of eating or drinking the glue remover:
    say "It would just go to waste. Besides it doesn't taste that good.".

Instead of entering the glue remover:
    say "The tube's way too small to enter.".

Instead of opening the glue remover:
    say "You open the cap and close it again. No need to keep it opened before it's used.".

Instead of switching on the glue remover:
    say "It's already closed.".

Instead of squeezing the glue remover:
    say "That's how the glue remover comes out. Not now, though, because the cap is closed.".

Instead of smelling the glue remover:
    say "It smells like glue.[if the creature is present][line break][c]Oh the irony,' [the creature] says.".

Instead of tasting the glue remover:
    say "It burns a bit on your tongue.[if the creature is present][line break][c]Must be the toxins,' the creature remarks.".

Instead of putting the glue remover on something:
    try pouring the glue remover on the second noun.