An interactive fiction by Juhana Leinonen (2008) - the Inform 7 source text

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Book 4 - Winning

To do the final escape:
    say "Captain McBrawn's silhouette reflects clearly to the clouds above. You hold the glass in your hand for several minutes, then support it in the window sill and leave it there.[paragraph break]";
    say "'What happens now?' [the creature] asks. [if the player is naked]'Is this the cue for you to put on your clothes?'[paragraph break]'No! [otherwise][paragraph break]'[end if]We wait. Captain McBrawn will be here any minute now.' [The creature] shrugs and stays silent.";
    pause the cutscene;
    say "You wait, and wait, and wait. You pace the room from one end to the other again and again. Finally the light bulb flickers ominously and finally burns out completely.[paragraph break]A dreadful darkness falls into the cell but it doesn't last long when the moon comes back from behind the clouds and lights the room with an eerie glow. You give a defeated sigh. [The creature] gives you a melancholic look.";
    pause the cutscene;
    say "A bit later you hear muffled sounds from the corridor. They seem to get louder and louder and you can make out screams and thuds and thumps. You glance hopefully at [the creature] who grins and gives you a thumbs-up.

The door practically EXPLODES inwards when the guard's unconscious body flies through it and bright light flows in the cell. You recognize the shadow of the man standing in the door frame.
Yes. It is Captain McBrawn.

'Fear NOT! For I, Captain McBrawn, am here!' He comes in and stands tall in front of you, hands by his waist and holding his sculpture-like chin high. 'Let us leave this dreadful place!'

You lower your head. 'I have to confess... You told me to go find the President. I didn't get there. The Screaming Communists captured me right away and I failed the mission.' The Captain laughs warmly. 'Do not worry! I foiled their evil plot with little trouble and came looking for you. The searchlight was very clever of you.'

'Well, I had some help...' you say and point at [the creature] - but it's gone. You're almost sure you see the tip of its tail disappearing in the ventilation duct. The Captain isn't paying much attention. 'Let's go home,' he says.

You step over the knocked-out guard and leave.";
    mark the escape down as "calling Captain McBrawn to the rescue";
    now the creature is absent; [no more H.R.'s quips]
    end the game in victory.
After printing the player's obituary when the game ended in victory:
    say "You managed to find [the score] escapes out of total 11 possible."

Table of Final Question Options (continued)
final question wording   only if victorious   topic   final response rule   final response activity
"review your SCORE"   true   "score"   score printing rule   --
"see all available ESCAPES (includes spoilers)"   true   "escapes"   show all available escapes rule   --

This is the show all available escapes rule:
    say "You can escape the cell in following ways:[paragraph break]
- unscrew the door hinges with the free sample[line break]
- pour H.R.[']s spit on the window bars[line break]
- attach the toilet hole to the door and unlock it[line break]
- accelerate to 88 mph while holding the flux capacitor[line break]
- trap the cell door's lock with an exposed live wire[line break]
- bribe the guard with the whiskey bottle[line break]
- enter the air ducts[line break]
- move the trapdoor opening sticker to the cell door[line break]
- cheat the guard by drinking the magic potion[line break]
- repair the trebuchet and break the door down with it[line break]
- build a searchlight and call McBrawn for help[line break]

Test finale with "test scissors/cut photo/put foil in glass/get lamp/put lamp in glass/put photo in glass".