Please excuse the crudity of this model

This is the seventh and last article in the Back to the Future theme week series.

Doc Brown with power cords…I didn't have time to build it to scale or paint it.

To end the Back to the Future theme week, here's a concept of a time travel game I've toyed with on and off for the past five years. It's remarkable because the core mechanics can't be implemented in any of the existing parser IF interpreters, so the Vorple project was started just to make something that could run it.

The demo is completely artificial. It doesn't run on any game engine, only basic JavaScript that animates the elements. While viewing the demo click anywhere to trigger the next turn.

Click here for the Ripple concept demo

There are at least 6 or 7 projects in the pipeline before this one, so it's not realistically going to see the light of day in some while if ever. It also turns out that designing and implementing something like this is really hard in just about every aspect. But it's thematically appropriate, and a neat concept, so here you go.

Doc Brown pointing at an outdoor cinema movie screen that has the Ripple logo on it

This game would require you to think fourth dimensionally.

Feel free to draw inspiration from it as much as you want. Or, in other words, it would be cool if someone else made this because I just really want to play it.

This concludes the Back to the Future theme week. Thanks for reading!

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